The Gallatin River Hideaway is located on an 88 acre ranch on the Gallatin River in Bozeman, Montana that has been developed into two very unique venue for weddings, receptions, corporate or other events. Located near the Four Corners area, we are remote, yet still close to town. We offer event facilities, including five creek-side guest cabins and three tree houses to make your  Montana Wedding everything you dreamed it would be!

The Gallatin River Hideaway offers your choice of 2 incredible venues, "Creekside" or "Bridal Veil". Both locations provide the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. Each site is located along a meandering creek amongst the backdrop of gorgeous trees and natural surroundings for your once in a lifetime event.

Each venue offers the use of a Pavilion that can be opened for an outdoor feel, or closed for a cathedral atmosphere. Both offer a dance floor, stage, gazebo, grassy meadows, Edison and fairy lights in the trees, two horseshoe pits, fire pit, umbrella tables, FREE use of tables and chairs for capacity seating, full bathroom facilities, kitchen with running water and 2 refrigerators, children's play area with swing and clubhouse, parking lot, and lighting in the wedding meadow and pathways. 

We offer exceptionally affordable 2 or 3 day packages to allow for stress free set up, time to relax and have some fun! Our creek side cabins and treehouses are truly a one of a kind Montana lodging experience.

Gallatin River Hideaway is a NO SMOKING NO PETS property. We highly recommend Bark City (406) 587-6252) for doggy daycare and overnight stays. They are located 1/2 mile from GRH.

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Exceptional place! We have booked our wedding for next summer, along with staying in the gorgeous tree houses multiple times. The owners and managers are professional and compassionate. Very accommodating for couples needs and wants. Phenomenal views and scenery will bring us back consistently! Thank you Hannah and Horace, and Cynthia and Toby for your attention to detail and wonderful costumer service! You have made lifetime customers out of us!

Shannon Perkins and Tyler Wade

We can't stop talking about how much we enjoyed staying at Gallatin River Hideaway! We came for my sister's wedding and ended up extending our stay a few days to relax and enjoy Bozeman and Yellowstone. We had other plans for the rest of our vacation, but the Cardinal Treehouse was magical and we couldn't bring ourselves to leave just to go stay in a regular hotel. We will be back any chance we get. The property managers were so knowledgeable about the entire area and steered us to their favorite restaurants in town which we enjoyed immensely! We also got the lowdown on the must sees in Yellowstone and a rafting trip down the Gallatin River that fronts the property. Best trip we've ever taken as a family! Well done Gallatin River Hideaway!! See you next summer!

Chloe and Jacob Pattersen

Such an amazing place. Would not want to get married anywhere else. They truly want to help your special day be everything you could ever want.  Extremely helpful and easy to contact and reach at anytime. The venue it's self it truly stunning and kept in beautiful condition. You really don't even need to decorate with all of the fresh flowers around, perfectly kept grassy area and trees, and all the twinkle likes you could want! So wonderful! Thank you Cyndy and Hannah!!! 

Taylor Burt

This venue is absolutely beautiful. Our guests came up to us all night commenting on how wonderful it was. The grounds are lovely with lots of potted flowers and the pavilion didn't require us to add a thing. The white lights and stage decor were perfect for our Montana wedding. We also LOVED having it from Friday - Sunday; it made the rehearsal dinner easy and gave us plenty of time for set up and clean up. And, our caterers where stoked to have an on-site kitchen to use. Thanks Gallatin River Hideaway!

Jennifer Cox Erhardt

Wonderful to work with!!! Made my day extra special!!! Such a beautiful area to be married!!!

Kendra Syverson

Sometimes the chaos of life requires a place to decompress. Certainly planning a wedding is one of those times, whether you’re the bride planning her own event or a planner looking for the perfect location. With so many venues to choose from, how does one weed through them all to find the one that will hold a special spot in their minds?

When I was looking for my location, besides my particular style quirks and figuring out my budget, I also had a list of breakers for me when deciding on my wedding and reception venue.

Here’s my list:

1. Must be in Montana (90% of our friends and family live there still, Chase and I met there, etc.)

2. The venue must be able to accommodate both the ceremony as well as the reception. This makes it exceptionally easy to transition.

3. I needed a place that I felt like I instantly could take a deep breath and take it all in, that was relatively close to hotels and easy to get to. As much as I love the mountains and lakes that are everywhere in Montana, I couldn’t imagine making my guests drive 15 miles (or more) one way to get there, then back again after the festivities.

Seems pretty simple, only three things, right? Not as easy as it appears. I did, however, discover an incredible gem that I felt I needed to get out there for the rest of you to visit! It’s called the Gallatin River Hideaway, nestled just under ten miles west of Bozeman and about the same distance south of Belgrade, Montana.

Just as the name suggests, it is truly hidden. In fact, just on the other side of the tree line that separates it from everything else is an apartment complex that I lived in for over a year and had no idea the place was there. Even though very few places in the area are hustle and bustle, as soon as you turn off Highway 84 (Norris Road) into the parking lot, you are in a different world. You no longer see the cars flying down the highway, no longer hear the brakes of the semi trucks just down the road, and you immediately ignore any emails or tasks that a few minutes ago were speeding through your thoughts. All you see and hear is the Gallatin River that flows right through the property, the meandering trails that Hannah and Horus Brailsford, the owners, insisted be part of the experience, and the towering old growth cottonwood and aspen trees that line the stream as it wanders through the back part of the site. 

As you walk through your choice of the two venues offered on the site, you notice that Hannah and Horus had the forethought to not only include lighting inside both pavilions, they have lined the paths with soft white lights. The Gazebos are also lit already, which equates to a few less things you need to worry about decorating on the big day (and a few less things you need to take down afterwards!) as well. Restrooms and parking are included and you have your choice of two or three day rentals, with options also including table and chair rentals as well. Hotels for guests are less than 10 miles either east or north, and several stores and gas stations are less than a mile away. 

The one thing that really solidified this site for me was the onsite cabins. When you think Montana cabins, for many, rustic, dusty run down rooms with an outhouse outside comes to mind. The cabins at Gallatin River Hideaway are as far from that as you can get… these cabins are built in the trees. Yes, they are tree houses! The site does offer a couple of ground level buildings that are still modern, right on the river and handicap accessible, but if you can score one of the tree houses, you MUST take the opportunity. Chase and I are choosing to stay in the Birdsnest tree house (fitting name, all of the tree houses are named that way), which boasts a fireplace, full kitchen loft bedroom, hot tub (outside) and a rear deck with a view of the river. When you step onto that deck, anxiety and stress melt away. 

I have been to two weddings at this site already, both at night, and the ambiance created by the smartly lit paths and sprawling meadows found throughout cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Imagine walking hand in hand with your significant other through the field, listening to the river flow by, feeling the grass just under you, and looking up to see the stars. You will want to go back without hesitation.

Chase & Autumn 09.13.14

What a wonderful place to rest and unwind disconnected from the rest of the world, and no television was a plus. The cabin was so charming and cozy, and the sound of the stream was so nice to fall asleep to. I enjoyed watching and photographing birds, and doing some sketching while my golfed at a nearby golf course. We enjoyed late dinners on the deck with a bottle of wine. The tiny kitchen and grill did not hinder our preparation. It was fun roughing it. This was a great midway stop on our three week road trip through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, & Montana.

Birds I saw:
Yellow Warbler
Downy Woodpecker
White-breasted Nuthatch
Belted Kingfisher

A deer poked it's head through the woods too! 

- Susan and Dan